About Us

In a world where investments have become increasingly popular globally,

EliteFox, the upcoming market leader in the investment realm

Founded in 2022 by Charles Jefferson and Michael Norris, EliteFox is an asset management firm striving to provide innovative investment opportunities to all market participants. They designed and coded the patented Quantum Asset Pooling System (QAPS), and this was the game-changer for the investment realm. Market participants can now engage in arbitrage opportunities without having large amounts of investments and knowing where to look.


EliteFox advocates for increased transparency. We strongly believe that transparency enables market participants to make better, more informed decisions while making markets more efficient.

Deep Liquitity

We are committed to providing deep liquidity, competitive pricing, and consistent executions with the best quality. We also support developing and implementing rules and regulatory initiatives that add liquidity for our clients.

Diverse Network

EliteFox is dedicated to providing liquidity in all market conditions to a diverse client network including institutional investors, retail brokers and asset managers who benefit from cost-effective, flexible execution services from pre-trade through to settlement.


Existing Forex Broker Clientele


People in the Team

Our Management Team

We are an executive team mastering the functional disciplines across various roles, from the fields of financial technology, investment banking, and the foreign exchange market.





Our Team of Professionals

Charles Jefferson

Chief Executive Officer

Charles has over 35 years of experience in the finance industry. During his tenure, he has had major roles in business development, market analysis, and trading strategy in large multinational corporations. He founded EliteFox when he noticed that the market lacked a simple yet effective investment product and believed he had the experience and capabilities to fulfill that need.

Michael Norris

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael, the co-founder of EliteFox, has a background in marketing and held director roles for different companies. Ranging from clothing to electronics, fast-food to real estate, he has helped companies from numerous sectors grow their businesses. Alex possesses excellent market insight and believes that the core concepts stay the same regardless of the industry or product when it comes to marketing. He is the right person to lead and grow EliteFox’s competitive position in this industry.

Raymond Russell

Chief Technology Officer

Raymond is an elite in the industry with over 15 years of extensive coding experience in the financial sector. He mainly focuses on developing algorithms for high-frequency trading of various asset classes. He has held top positions in many investment banks and was the key person responsible for the efficacy of the codes employed.